1751: Mick Castle: I regret to inform you all that Mick passed away recently. He was a very happy and energetic member of our club. He had recently volunteered to be our secretary and had always helped out with any jobs and tasks that needed to be done. Personally I will miss him badly as my good friend and cannot believe that he has passed away at such a young age. Our upmost sympathy goes to Helen and her family. The funeral is on Friday 2nd November at Tunbridge Wells Crematorium  at 12.15 followed by a get together at The Camden Arms.

1752: Reminder of up and coming dates again.

            Friday 9th November 6.30 for 7.00, Prize Presentation and Fish and Chip supper. Please let me know your     requirements from the Fish and Chip shop. (it’s only £10 each again but please bring a raffle prize)

            Saturday 17th November, Match against the Royals, 5.00 for 5.30 - the team has been selected by Malcolm.

            Sunday 18th November AGM at the Clubhouse (Followed by the new committee’s first meeting)

            Friday 30th November Christmas Dinner 6.00 for 6.30 Free for members but please bring a raffle prize and     help yourself to drinks from the fridge. Please contact Pat about arrangements and numbers coming.

1753: Replacing the Shrubs with Paving Slabs or Turf in the middle garden plot.It is proposed to remove the shrubs from this plot in front of rinks 4 and 5 and replace them with either turf or paving slabs. This will open up the view of the Green from the three existing seats and provide some more space for extra viewing. Norman Edwards will clear the shrubbery and quote for infill, soil and turfing for us. We preferably need a quotation for slabbing the area. If anyone can suggest a reasonably capable jobbing builder who can do this, please ask for a quote, and also for some work to level some of the existing slabs in front of the Clubhouse. Please liaise with Phil about this work that should be carried out this winter.

1754: Christmas Cards.Traditionally at our Christmas dinner cards are given and received between the members. Whilst not suggesting this should not continue, some of us instead did not give cards but sent a sum of money last year (£50 in total) to the Hospice in the Weald. Please continue to exchange cards this year if you want to, and I will also collect cash for a donation to be sent from the Club from members attending on the dinner evening.      

 Brian Aylard, Editor                                                     Pembury Bowls Club Newsletter 242, October 2018