1714 : AGM Here is a précis of the exciting happenings last Sunday. Here are the salient points.

            President – Len Birnie

             Elected officers, Captain and Chairman (elected later by the committee) – Malcolm Rhodes.

            Treasurer - Brian Aylard, Secretary - Mick Castle, Ladies Captain - Pat Jackson, 

           Competition secretary - Jane Jackson, Fixtures Secretary - Mick Castle, Hon Auditor - Geoff Wickenden, 

          5 General Committee members, Barbara Allen, Len Birnie, Jenny Egan, Roy Hook, Ted Lucas.

 Resolutions – Annual subscriptions remain at £85 and £10

           The Chairman to be elected by the new Committee

            There will be 5 instead of 6 general members of the Committee

            The Competition Secretary shall have discretion to allow or not substitutes in competitions after the draw

             There will be no more Ladies Friendly Matches.

1715 :  Santander Bank The Club has changed our bankers to the Santander Bank Tunbridge Wells Branch.  This will allow the Treasurer and the Chairman to hold debit cards. We will have internet banking as well and be able to use the Post Office to deposit cash and cheques as well as at the bank and their ATMs. The account is as before Pembury Bowls Club, Brian has the account number if members need to know.

1716:   Just a reminder – The next match against the Royals is on 20th January, we must do better this time! A merry Christmas to everyone and have a happy and prosperous new year.

Brian Aylard, Editor                                                  Pembury Bowls Club Newsletter 234 – December 2017