1763:  The first matches are being played this weekend the 27 & 28 April.

Please help Malcolm by putting your names down for the coming matches on the lists in the Clubhouse and not expect him to have to chase around to get sufficient numbers as has already happened so far. Only nine for each this weekend.

1764: Tuesday evening club league begins on 7th May at 6.00.  There will be 4 teams as last year, please let Brian know urgently that you will be taking part so that it can be organised and all notified asap.

1765: Club competitions. Please let Jane know the competitions you will be entering before 6th `May if you have not done so already.

1766: Annual subscriptions, most have been collected by the Treasurer but a few are still unpaid. Kindly please pay Brian by cheque or cash before too long. The membership numbers are gradually decreasing. Please do your best to try and attract other people, for example members of other clubs you may be in, to come along and join us. They will benefit from half price fees the first year.

1767: David Booker. David has been working diligently over the winter painting the rink markers and numbers. With help from Danny they have been replaced around the green and have made a great improvement for our benefit. On behalf of the Club, I would like to thank them for their kind efforts.

1768: Arthur Storey is, believe it or not reaching his 90th birthday shortly. Pat Jackson is arranging a party on Wednesday 31 July at 1330 in the Clubhouse to celebrate this grand event and is inviting all members and Short Mat members to come along. Please let her know if you will be there.

PS Next Committee Meeting Thursday 23 May

 Brian Aylard, Editor                                                                  Pembury Bowls Club Newsletter 244, April 2019