1737: FRIENDLY MATCHES   Malcolm our Captain says the Club has had to cancel 5 matches in three weeks, a very sad and abysmal situation. Please will anyone wishing to play put their names on the lists at least one week before the date of the game, or contact Malcolm by phone 01892 824934 or Email to (not as shown in the fixture list) so further embarrassing cancellations may be prevented.

1738: OPEN TOURNAMENT 2019 The Club needs to discuss how to make our usually successful triples tournament more appealing to members of other clubs after the disappointing effort this year. Please will members come up with their suggestions and come along to a meeting on Thursday 26 July in the clubhouse after the next committee meeting that morning to try and come up with a solution.

1739: ETIQUETTE ON THE GREEN  Would the senior (older) members please use the Tuesday League and Friendly matches to help the junior (younger) players understand more easily the etiquette and behaviour and duties of team members during play.

1740: CLUB SHIRTS:  Players are requested to return any Club Shirts no longer needed back to help new members now Julia Rogans has moved away with the consequential closure of her shop.

1741: MICK CASTLE: I very much regret to inform you that Mick has resigned from the club due to his persistent medical problem. I am sure you will agree that we wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back in the club very shortly.

1742: Next Committee meeting 26 July 10.30 Clubhouse.

 Brian Aylard, Editor                                                                                      Pembury Bowls Club Newsletter 239– June 2018

PS, David Bookers email is and phone 01732 850568.